Latihan Soal PAT (UKK) BAHASA INGGRIS Kelas 7 SMP Kurikulum 2013 (K13). Sebagaimana di ketahui istilah Ulangan Kenaikan Kelas (UKK) sekarang sudah diganti dengan PAT atau Penilaian Akhir Tahun. Menurut Buku Pedoman atau Panduan Penilaian SMP, Penilaian Akhir Tahun (PAT) adalah penilaian yang dilaksanakan pada akhir semester genap dengan materi semua KD pada semester genap. Jadi silahkan konfirmasikan kepada guru kamu apabila ada soal PAT yang di luar ketentuan tersebut.

Berdasarkan ketentuan tersebut maka materi Ulangan Kenaikan Kelas (UKK) atau PAT (Penilaian Akhir Tahun) BAHASA INGGRIS SMP Kelas 7 Kurikulum 2013 (K13) atau Soal Latihan PAT (UKK) BAHASA INGGRIS Kelas 7 SMP Kurikulum 2013 (K13) adalah semua materi atau Kompetensi dasar yang diajarkan pada semester 2.

Perlu Admin sampaikan bahwa Soal Latihan PAT (UKK) BAHASA INGGRIS Kelas 7 SMP Kurikulum 2013 hanyalah sebagai bahan latihan yang mungkin dalam penyusunan masih jauh dari sempurna. Hal yang perlu diingat oleh para siswa bahwa Soal PAT seperti halnya soal Ulangan / Penilaian Harian, Ulangan / Penilaian Tengah Semester pada prinsipnya dibuat oleh masing-masing guru mata pelajaran. Oleh karena sangat dimungkinkan soal antara sekolah berbeda-beda walaupun intinya sama.

Berikut ini beberapa contoh Soal PAT (UKK) Bahasa Inggris SMP Kelas 7 Kurikulum 2013

1. Ryan : Can you tell me how to get to the nearest restaurant?
Hani : _____ may be you can ask the policeman over there.
a.      Yes, there is one across the street
b.      Next to library
c.      Behind the hotel
d.      I’m sorry. I don’t live here.
Jawaban : D

2. Fino : Can you tell me where Doni’s house is?
Nanda : Just go along Mulawarman street.
From the dialogue we know that …
a.      Nanda knows where Doni’s house is
b.      They will go to Doni’s house
c.      Fino knows where Doni’s house
d.      Nanda doesn’t know where Doni’s house
Jawaban : A

3. Read the following text !

What does the notice means ?
a.     Do not throw rubbish in the room
b.     Do not destroy everything in the room
c.      Do not sleep in the room
d.     Do not speak in the room

Read the text to answer questions 4 and 5!


4. What does the caution mean?
    a. The shop sells special broken articles.
    b. You don't have to buy articles that are broken.
    c. In this section you will only find broken articles.
    d. If you break any of the articles, you should pay for it.
Jawaban D.

5. Where do you usually find this caution?
    a. Library
    b. Bookstore
    c. Greengrocer
    d. Deparment store
Jawaban d.

Read the text to answer questions 6 - 9!


6. What is the caution about?
    a. The volcanoes and their effects.
    b. The danger of volcanoes fumes.
    c. The women and their children's health.
    d. The pregnant visitors of the mountain.
Jawaban b.

7. Visitors with breathing problems are not allowed to visit the area because...
    a. The fumes can make them difficult to breathe.
    b. The fumes can enter the human's lung.
    c. It is very tiring to climbthe volcano.
    d. Certain people cannot breathe well.
 Jawaban A. 

8. Where do you usually find such caution?
    a. At all public places with non domestic visitors.
    b. Any places visited by tourists.
    c. On all the mountains with few visitors.
    d. At the volcanoes for tourists resorts.
 Jawaban D.

9. "....are hazardous to your health.." What does the underlined word in the sentence mean?
    a. Dreadful.
    b. Dangerous.
    c. Uneasy.
    d. Serious.
Jawaban b.

Read the text to answer questions 10!


10. What does the text mean?
    a. It tells us about the cliffs, children, and trails.
    b. It asks us to stay in our car with our children.
    c. It forbids us to do brings pets and money.
    d. It reminds us about safety in the cliffs.
Jawaban d.

Read the text to answer question 11!


11. What does the above caution mean?
    a. Children are playing games around the place.
    b. Children are not allowed to plat around the area.
    c. It is the place for children to plat around here.
    d. You have to be careful because children are playing there.
Jawaban d.

The following text is for questions 12 to 14

Gorillas are the largest all the primates. A male gorilla can be 180 cm tall and can weigh 200 kg. Gorillas are very strong but they do not often fight. In fact they are peaceful animals. Gorillas live in small family groups of about 15. In a group there is one strong, older male, some young males, and a few females with their babies. They move slowly around a large area of jungle eating leaves and bushes.
In some ways gorillas are very like humans. When they are happy, they laugh and wave their arms. When they are angry, they beat their chests. When they are sad, they cry. But they cry quietly, without any tears. Unfortunately, people hunt and kill gorillas. They also cut down and burn their trees. There are now only about 10,000 gorillas left in the world.

12.  What is the purpose of the text above?
A.    To retell about gorillas
B.    To explain gorillas
C.   To entertain the gorillas
D.   To describe gorillas

Jawaban D

13.  What does paragraph one tells us about?
A.    The size of gorillas
B.    The strength of gorillas
C.   The largest gorillas
D.   The habitat of gorillas

14.  “They also cut down and burn …” They refers to …
A.    Gorillas                                   C. human
B.    People                                    D. females
Jawaban B

The following text is for questions 15 to 17

Koala is a mammal living in a tree. It has a … (15) diet which is mostly leaves of eucalyptus trees. Koalas are sometimes called koala bears. However, koalas are not bears. Young bears (cube) are grown … (16) outside their mother’s body, but young koalas … (17) their development inside the mother’s pouch.

A.    Special                        C. crucial
B.    Essential                      D. commercial
Jawaban A

A.    Fully                            C. coolly
B.    Largely                        D. quickly
Jawaban A

A.    Start                            C. grow
B.    Convert                       D. complete
Jawaban C

The following text is for questions 18 to 20

Adult butterflies can only feed on … (18), usually nectar. Their mouth parts are modified to enable them to drink, but they cannot chew solids. A proboscis, which functions … (19) a drinking straw, stays curled up under the butterfly’s chin until it finds a source of nectar or other liquid nutrition. It then opens the long, tubular structure and … (20) up nectar.
A.    Fruit                            C. leaves
B.    Mud                            D. liquid
Jawaban C

A.    For                             C. at 
B.    In                                D. as
Jawaban D

A.    Touches                     C. Brings
B.    Drink                          D. sets
Jawaban B

The following text is for questions 21 to 22
The black widow spider is an extremely poisonous spider of north and South America. Only the female one is dangerous. The bite of male is generally harmless. Although it is greatly feared, it is not aggressive and generally bites only to defend itself.
This kind of spider has long legs and smooth, black bodies. The female spider is twice as big as the male. It has a round, shinny, black abdomen, with a distinctive mark shaped like an hourglass on the underside. The male spider is only about half as the long as females and has more slender body. It has four pairs of red dots along the sides of the abdomen. It is rarely seen and is harmless.
Black widow spiders primarily eat insect that they trap in their webs. They kill their prey by biting and then inserting their venom. Birds and animals learn not to eat the spider by identifying hourglass mark on their body. The venom makes the animal sick but usually does not kill them.

21.  What does the text mostly tell us about?
A.    The black widow spider’s enemy
B.    The habitat of black widow spiders
C.   The black widow spider in general
D.   The danger of black widow spider
Jawaban C

22.  What happens when an animal eats a black widow spider?
A.    The animal will soon die because the venom
B.    The animal will get sick because of the venom
C.   The spider shows hourglass mark on its body
D.   The animal will become more aggressive
Jawaban B

The following text is for questions 23 to 26

The stick is a type of insect that actually looks like a stick. It uses camouflage to look like the stick of branches of the tree where it lives. There is also leaf type bug that look like leaves. Together they make up the order of insect called Phasmatodea. There are around 3,000 species of insect in this order.
Stick bugs vary in size. Some are small as half in inch long while others can grow to just over a foot long. Counting their outstretched leg, the longest females can reach up to 22 inches long.
Stick bugs are some of the best camouflaged in the animals kingdom. Some can change color to match the tree or leaf background. Other not only look like stick but have other feature that mimic the branches of tree. Many also look like a twig blowing in the wind.
Some stick bugs have wings. They may be bright colored. When a predator comes near the stick bugs they may open their bright wings and then close them again to confuse the predator.
23.   What is the text mostly about?
A.    The diet of the stick bug
B.    The size of the stick bug’s body
C.   The special ability of stick to camouflage
D.   The characteristic of the stick
Jawaban D

24.  Why is it difficult to notice the stick bugs?
A.    Because they are great in size
B.    Because they look similar to their surrounding
C.   Because they transform their body into a twig
D.   Because they cover their body with colorful wings
Jawaban B

25.  Which of the following is one of the camouflage ability of stick bugs?
A.    They can outstretched their body to 22 inches
B.    They can grow in a foot long size
C.   They can get smaller rapidly
D.   They can imitate the movement of twig
Jawaban D

26.  “… but other feature that mimic the branches of the trees.”  The underlined word is closest meaning to …
A.    Look like                    C. follow to
B.    Use for                       D. borrow from
Jawaban A

Read the text and answer questions 27 and 29.

Apartments Offer Practical Living

The number of high-rise apartment buildings continues to mushroom not only in the center of the city but also in suburban areas. This shows that many Indonesian enjoy living in apartments. This is true for a number of reasons.

In the first place, people prefer to live in an apartment because it is located near strategic areas. They can save time and energy as they don’t have to experience terrible traffic jam.

In addition, they enjoy the new life style because an apartment offers comfort and privacy so they don’t have to worry about the city’s high crime rate as most apartments have 24-hour security systems.

Moreover, people now enjoy practicality and this is reflected in the design of their place. Living rooms become smaller and a veranda is no longer considered an important part of the house.

From the facts above, it is clear that apartments offer practical living which thus make them mustrooming.

27. According to paragraph two, what does an apartment offer?
     a. Comfort
     b. Security
     c. Practicality
     d. Privacy
Jawaban C

28. It can be inferred from the text that ....
a. Many Indonesian people right now enjoy living in a small house
b. Practicality means security
c. People prefer living in an apartment because it is located near office areas
d. Living in an apartment creates practical lifestyle
Jawaban A

29. “The number of high-rise apartment buildings continues to mushroom not only in the center.... “ (Paragraph 1) The underlined word is closest meaning to....
     a. Increase
     b. Enhance
     c. Boost
     d. Intensify
Jawaban B

Read the text and answer questions 30 and 31.

Dear Kartika
Our sincere Congratulations on your success as The Best Washington City Journalist 2009.
This will support you to write more articles.
The manager and staff of
Moonlight Publisher

30. What does Kartika do? She is a …
A. staff
B. manager
C. journalist
D. publisher
Kunci jawaban : C

31. The text is written in order to …
A. congratulate Kartika on her success.
B. inform people about the best journalist.
C. tell people to congratulate Kartika.
D. invite people to come to the Moonlight publisher.
Kunci jawaban : A

Read the text and answer questions 32 to 34.

It was Sunday morning December 26th 2004. The day that I would never forget forever. We went to the beach in Meulaboh, Aceh. Many people were there when I arrived.
When we were enjoying the beautiful sunrise, suddenly we were shocked by a violent shake in the ground. Everybody in the beach was panic. We soon realized that it was a very big earthquake although it struck in a very short period of time.
After that, we saw the water going on into the middle of the sea. No wonder if there were many kinds of fish left behind on the sand. We all seemed to be astonished by the view until we realized that there was a huge wave coming towards us and destroying everything in its way.
I didn’t realize what had happened until I found myself hanging on a branch of a tree.

32. The text mainly discusses …
A. the story about terrible a earthquake
B. the writer’s experience with a big earthquake
C. the steps to avoid danger in your life
D. the description of a beach in Meulaboh
Kunci jawaban: B

33. What is the main idea of the third paragraph?
A. The writer saw many fish on the sand.
B. The view of the beach was very exciting.
C. The writer liked to see the wave in the sea.
D. Tsunami occurred and destroyed everything.
Kunci jawaban: D

34. Everybody in the beach was panic because …
A. the sun rose brightly
B. there was an earthquake
C. the beach was very enjoyable.
D. there was an amazing view in the sea.
Kunci jawaban: B

35. There a lot of camera on the table, . . . camera is the blue and red one?
a. who
b. whose
c. whom
d. what
Jawaban B

40. All the baseball team are great, . . . will you choose?
a. whichever
b. whatever
d. which
d. what
Jawaban A

41. Dita : I’m really sorry, Fita. The …. Is too small. I’m afraid that it won’t be a good
place for us to practice cooking.
Fita : Oh, it is fine, Dita. It is comfortable enough for us to practice cooking.
What is the most suitable word to fill in the blank?
A. Living room
B. Bedroom
C. Kitchen
D. Dining room
Jawab: C

42. Anita : Your room is too dark, Siti. May I open the …. Please
Siti : Of course, Anita. Thank you very much.
A. Door
B. Roof
C. Curtains
D. Roof
Jawab: C

43. Tedi : Do you know the new student in this school?
Deni : Yes I do. His name is Toni.
Tedi : What ………?
Deni : He is a tall guy with curly hair. He is a polite guy. He is from Sukabumi.
What will be the complete question?
A. Is he like?
B. Does he like?
C. Are he like?
D. Is she like?
Jawab: A

44. Tono : Be careful with the bee!
Anton : Why?
Tono : Because it
Surely, Tono will say that bee is dangerous because it ….
A. Fly
B. Walk
C. Scratch
D. Stings
Jawab: D

45. Rina : What do you know about cobra?
Tina : Cobra is the king of snake. It is harmful animal because it …..
Tina will say that cobra ….
A. Bites
B. Fly
C. Walk down the floor
D. Run very fast

46. The following animal can be adopted as a pet
A. Tiger
B. Giraffe
C. Elephant
D. Cat
Jawab: D

47. Jono : Do you know the long time enemy of a dog?
Andi : Yes I do. It must be a …… . An animal which is very cute with adorable fur.
From the dialogue, Andi will answer….
A. Cat
B. Mouse
C. Butterfly
D. Scorpion
Jawab: A

48. You .......... if you walk in the rain.
A. will be sick
B. sick
C. will sick
D. are sick
Jawaban : C

49. All the nails are useless, ........ ?
A. don't they
B. aren't they
C. are they
D. do they
Jawaban : B

50. A ........ looks after sick people.
A. woodcutter
B. nurse
C. shoemaker
D. patient
Jawaban : B

Demikian info tentang contoh Latihan Soal PAT (UKK) Bahasa Inggris SMP Kelas 7 Kurikulum 2013, Semoga bermanfaat. Selamat Belajar semoga sukses.

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